The meaning of “ASTROLOGY”

The Journey from Pessimism (darkness) to Optimism (Enlightenment)

Dear Friends and Fans,

Are you sad and unhappy?

Are you in depression and disappointment?

Are you in troubles with horrible in life?

Are you in fear with tears?

Then trust us fully because we are the group of astrologers who can take and fetch you out of these unexpected turmoils with the help of Astrology. Though We are not the GOD but We are bonafide astrologers who can Generate-Operate and Decorate your life by using the ancient scientific method of Astrology…and that is too without any help of Gems-stones and other useless-unnecessary vidhis(rituals). The Astrology is the perfect guide of happiness which takes you to happiness- peace and harmony. Everyone can be happy by self karmic rituals and chanting holy mantras. The Astrologer is an Angel who can bring billion dollar smile on your face for millions of miles towards quality journey of life.We had our own experiences and research work with unended journey on long path of astrology and after 35 years of relationship with this science of Stars….


We define the word “ASTROLOGY” as an auspicious, academic, authentic and awesome science for study of stars with superb scientific method. The astrology is very ancient, truthful and trustworthy way to heavenly pleasures. It is reliable, remedial and result oriented Shastra (The old and orthodox religious book) which works for you like an angel, Santa Claus, who takes away your sorrows and makes you happy for whole life.

The astrology is stars based science. The stars are oysters of orbit (brahmand or universe) which hides your sorrows and smiles inside and time by time they reveal your destiny.

Astrology is loyal lord for mankind who helps you-guide you in bad time and gives you the perfect shape to live better life. This science is your unique Oars’ man which leads you to progress and prosperity. Once you are connected to this ancient amazing method it means your journey of life is assured-insured and secured with the Yacht to yummy success.

According to us Astrology is the combination of science and faith. The calculation and combination of transiting planets in orbit (Brahmand) bring us perfect result of past-present and future. In fact astrology is the perfect guide for human being to live quality life. The effect of stars on human destiny has been chartered for more than 7000 years, our sages accumulated this knowledge by observation, mathematical calculations, astrological phenomena and logical inductions. Their intuitive understanding of the world with the help of astronomical and scientific data has brought before us astrological predictions. So this is a science based on observations and experiments of thousands of years. Today we are using their knowledge and telepathy in all the spheres of human life. Now astrology is no more considered as dogmatic statements based on religious hymns and sagas. It is coordinated knowledge by research, hypothesis and experimental verifications. It is much more a science. The behaviour and effects of planets as well innumerable stars, the great scholars of thousands of centuries. Our Rishi Munis, sages and scholars has brought us the fruit of this knowledge with their divine eyes, intuitions and research work.

Today astrological techniques are applied for forecasting political, economic and environmental outcomes. Now we use these techniques and predictions for marriage, education, business, disease including all happy and sorrowful happenings. We are guided by astrologers through out our lives i.e. from birth to death. In fact the eternal and internal truth is that the effect of Stars, Nakshtras and Rashis on 5 elements of Human body were invented by Indian Rishi Munis before 7000 years.

Our astral body is made of 5 elements i.e Fire, Water, Air, Earth and the sky (agni, jal, vayu, pruthvi and aakash tatva). Day today these all 5 element works under good or ill effect of transiting planets. We have 12 planets(Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, ketu, harshal, Neptune and Pluto)as well We have 12 zodiac sector starting from Aries to Pisces(Mesh to Min rashi)and We have also 12 houses in Horoscope(kundali).The kundali is the map of person at the time of birth. This map(horoscope)is container and extract of 12 planets,12 Zodiacs and 12 houses along with 27 constellations(nakshtras) The deep and divine study of Stars’ effect on Mankind is called Astrology.

The universal dictionary of OXFORD has definition of Astrology as
"The study of the positions and aspects of heavenly bodies with a view to assessing or predicting their supposed influence on human characteristics and the course of human affairs."

The meaning of Astro is ‘light of Stars.’
The meaning of logy is ‘study or theory of science.’
At last We wish all of you an alagrand-unique success with theory of science in the light of heavenly Stars in shelter and shadow of great ASTROLOGY.
Friends start your journey with Stars from Pessimism to Optimism.

We are with you to wipe your tears and that is too with assured unended smiles for miles. God Bless You…..

(For and on behalf of)

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