Dr.Panckaj Nagar

Dr.Panckaj Nagar is associated with research work in Astrology since 1995.He is the only Astrologer from Gujrat state who had his Ph.d from Pathshala of Vedic Astrology which is affiliated to Kashi Banaras Hindu Vishva Vidhyalaya. His rational and scientific journey with Astrology was started in 1984.

He has written many articles spreading awareness on Astrology. He has contributed his expert write up for reputed News papers like Jansatta, Abhiyan, Sambhav, Times of India(Gujaati), Bluechip, Mumbai Samachar, Guj Samachar(London), Gujrat Abroad and Gujrat Times(Usa). Nowadays he is fleeting his modern thoughts with best write up through maximum circulated No.1 Gujrati news paper ‘DIVYA BHASKER’.

Books The Astro Smile, Bhagya na Bhed, Bavvan Patten

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